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Religious leaders face a fresh challenge in engaging with young Christians, after new research revealed that large numbers of Christian university students are affirming their faith in private, but staying away from church on Sundays. The Durham University-led study of religion among undergraduates at 13 different English universities also found that liberal Christians outnumbered evangelical Christians tenfold on campus.

Christianity attracts far more students than any other religious tradition, but most of these have begun to detach themselves from church by the time they reach this formative stage in life, the researchers found. Among Christian students, over half never attend church during term-time. The Church needs to consider how it can better engage with “the interests and enthusiasms of this generation,” the researchers added.

How do we stand at Sunbridge Road Mission Church?

Every year we welcome new students from around the world and many have gone on to stay in Bradford and continue worshipping with us, having an active part in our church and the surrounding community.

Just a ten minute walk from the University, SRM is ideally situated and could be just the right church for you during your time in Bradford. We have a strong emphasis on good Bible teaching, training and equipping, and there are many opportunities for students to be involved and to serve in a church family of all ages and from all walks of life and cultures. We also have an 18+ Growth Group tailored for students as well as monthly student lunches and regular church family lunches where everyone is welcome.

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We are committed to equipping students to be God dependant, Bible centred, mission focused, and living authentic lives for Jesus. Many students are more open to exploring the gospel at university than they are at any other time in their lives, and so we want to support you in your efforts to share Jesus with them. As part of this we encourage students to be involved with the Christian Union as well as with their local church.

We invite you to join our Church and explore Christianity. We understand that Church is judged as dogmatic -but isn't it someone dogmatic to ignore God's calling just because Church is "not my style"? Remember, the word Church originates from the Greek word kuriakon, Lord's House. We simply serve His will and hope you feel His presence when you visit  Sunbridge Road mission Church.

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About Sunbridge

Based in the heart of Bradford, we are an independent evangelical church made up of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds who share a simple faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Our aim is to worship God and to reach out to others with His amazing love in Jesus. Sunbridge Road Mission: Gaynor Street, Bradford, BD1 2LF. Tel: 01274 735344


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